Nomad Handle

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The Nomad Handle is a simple, portable solution for DSLR videography. It creates a camcorder-like feel by enhancing the form factor of your DSLR camera. Skate, snow, and indie filmmakers rejoice.

We make the only handle sized for cameras with or without a battery grip. We know shooting’s important, so relish the opportunity to shoot longer, more comfortably, and at all the right angles. You can thank us later.



Shoot us a link with some clips from the front line. Let us know how your Nomad fits in with your workflow and show us some footage it has helped you log. With any luck, it'll be featured right here. @

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Nomad Handle was founded with the intent to create a simple, portable solution for DSLR videography in skate + snow culture. Owned and operated by the dynamic father-son duo, Matt + Steve Plays. The two are into unchartered territory and making things fun. Like all of their endeavors, Nomad Handles are made in the U.S. by hardworking, creative people.


Got a question or some clips you think are tight? Fill out this handy form and we'll send something back your way. Heck, we may even post your footage. For general handle inquiries, be sure to check if we've covered it on the FAQ page.